Just getting started.

And believing that you have something to say.

It’s coming up to 8 months since I put this site up. I remember Lauren and I trying to film the video, firstly in Bristol Airport and then in the bathroom in our shared flat in Glasgow. We went with the bathroom version. Still a bit long, but believe me, as long as it is, being so camera shy it’s better to just leave it up for now until a better option comes in to production.

8 months later and we’ve still been trying to work out exactly what this project IS and what it is about. And I realise that rather than us trying to figure that out alone we should just start to tap down some of our thinking and conversations and hope you may want to contribute and help define it.

When I say us, for months it has been Zoe and I. Before Christmas Laura Bunt kindly hosted a breakfast at Nesta where we brought together Becky from ESRO, Laura herself and my dear colleague Eleanor Ford, with contribution from the amazing Sophia Parker in note form all the way from Boston USA.

We have always been keen to link the intimacy/relationship conversation in to the social policy world hence the configuration of that initial team meeting.

Since then we have been slowly forming a proposal for a long, applied, action research project in to the 21st Century relationships and intimacies that make up, inform and influence our lives.

We’ll start to post more regularly now with how the work is developing and we  look forward to connecting this conversation in to all the many contexts that it has relevance too.



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