The Team & Contact

Cassie Robinson

Cassie Robinson was born in Cambridge in 1976 and has always had what some might consider an ” abnormal fascination ” with sexuality. She likes to call it openness, acceptance and curiosity.

Cassie is a trained designer (1st Class BA hons), Positive Psychologist (MSc) and entrepreneur (NESTA Creative Pioneer ). She has consulted and taught about the relationship between positive psychology and social innovation, and primarily specialises in networked and people-centred innovation, design-lead strategy, developing new business models, the application of positive psychology and designing learning and influencing processes. In the last decade she was also the Director of her international fashion company, worked at Marie Claire magazine in New York, trained as a co-active coach with the CTI and ran voluntary groups for young women developing knowledge of their sexual selves.

She felt it was about time to bring together her passions: sexuality & intimacy, with her expertise in social innovation and a networked approach to learning, and start broadening the reach, meaning, impact and value of these topics.

You can read more about her work in social innovation here. And there is a detailed background story of how her interest in this area developed here.

Please do get in touchwith contributions, feedback or expressions of interest to get involved:

Zoë Pilger

Zoë Pilger was born in London in 1984. While still a teenager, she wrote articles for The Independent on Sunday newspaper.

She completed a BA in Social and Political Science at Cambridge University in 2007, and then an MA in Comparative Literary Studies at Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2010. She is now studying for a PhD in the Media and Communications department at Goldsmiths, focusing on the changing role of romantic love for women since the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Her research explores questions of gender, the body, and female artistic expression.



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