The Themes

Themes that are of particular interest to us are:

  • Positioning intimacy and sexuality as giving us opportunities and challenges to expand ourselves: in developing our empathy, vulnerability, openness, compassion, self-awareness, honest communication, resilience, reciprocity, courage, imagination, playfulness, adaptability, acceptance, mindfulness, curiosity and capacity to take risk.
  • How sexuality and intimacy connect people to their emotional and physical self.
  • Broadening how intimacy is seen – focussing on intimacy with ourselves, with others but also the nature of our inter-connected world.
  • The potential of intimacy and sexuality as a source of life-long learning about ourselves and others.
  • How all of the above connect in to current topics, approaches, models and movements in Social Innovation, Open Innovation, Eudaimonia and Positive Psychology.

“Openness to experience is strongly associated to innovation.”

A quote from Roland Harwood‘s Twitter stream.


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