Our Aims

What we aim to do:

  • Facilitate a more sophisticated, honest, healthy and meaningful debate about sexuality and intimacy.
  • Bring together conversations and people who have experience, practice and ideas in these areas.
  • Increase the visibility of these topics and bring them in to the centre of debate, to acknowledge there influence and impact.

” At ESRO we research some of the most difficult and pressing issues facing Britain today.   We’ve worked on ground breaking studies looking at offending, families at risk, obesity and migration; investigating every aspect of people’s lives.  Well, every aspect but one.  In many of our projects sex and relationships  has been omitted from our work despite it’s obvious impact on the lives of those we study. “ Becky Rowe, Director, ESRO

  • Demonstrate the value for intimacy and sexuality to be explored and have a place in our lives.
  • Curate and collate a vocabulary that supports people to find an authentic awareness, expression and composition of their sexuality and intimate lives.
  • Recognise, create, and explore new knowledge to generate new ideas and concepts related to these topics.



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